godspeed bullet

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Godspeed Bullet: three short themes for a TV show pilot episode.

While organizing my scores, I found these three short themes I wrote a few years ago, for a TV show pilot episode, that a friend of mine (Miguel Gaudêncio) was directing. 

To be honest, I don’t remember anymore the plot of the pilot episode but Miguel asked me to write the music for three specific scenes of the pilot, to give him an idea of the themes and the kind of score I was planning to develop. 

Originally written for a small orchestral ensemble, I made a few changes to the score, especially in the orchestration, adding a few instruments that brought more weight to the music.

The Opening track starts with a melody played by a trumpet that would be the main theme for the all score. In fact, this theme is heard again in the other two tracks, with some harmonic and rhythmic modifications (in the last track, Burial / The End, the theme starts in a minor tone).

The second track, The Chase, was a real joy to write. The piano and low strings ostinato set the overall mood and the background, while high strings and woodwinds play variations of the main theme.