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Music inspired on poems by E. E. Cummings

Hi there, welcome to my website!

Hello, my name is Bruno Miranda and I want to share with you my passion for music. On this website you will find information about my latest works and also about my future projects.

In the “Music” section, you can listen to some of my music, read a short description about it and what drove me to compose that work. In time, I will be adding more music, so, stay tuned!

To me, writing music is a way of expressing emotions, feelings and describing life experiences.
I hope that when listening to my music people can feel the emotions I feel when listening to other composer’s music.

If you you would like to drop a “hello”, use the form in the “Contact” page, I would love to have a chat with you!

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Adagio Lamentoso for String Quintet

Adagio Lamentoso for String Quintet

I just finished the arrangement for string quintet of my Adagio Lamentoso, to be performed by the Virtuosi ensemble of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Recently, I had the pleasure of being contacted by Laurentius Dinca, the first violinist of the Berliner Philharmoniker....

Album release concert

Album release concert

On March 8th I'll be presenting the new album "It May Not Always Be So" at the Music Museum, in Lisbon.In this concert, I'll be playing the songs from the new album (and new ones!) with an extremely talented string quartet. For this concert, I made new musical...

It May Not Always Be So

It May Not Always Be So

"It May Not Always Be So" is my latest work, an album with music inspired on poems by E. E. Cummings. With this album, I want to present my vision on these poems and I really hope to take the listener on a musical journey into the world of E.E. Cummings’ poetry.

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Instagram post 18053319166166047 Having a great time. Love sunny days and a beautiful beach. What about you?

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Instagram post 18060727582087214 Piano solo version of "I Carry Your Heart With Me", from the album "It May Not Always Be So". Watch full video on my YouTube channel (link in bio). #newalbum #itmaynotalwaysbeso #icarryyourheartwithme #eecummings #piano #music #musicandpoetry #steinwayandsons #officialvideo
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Bruno M. Miranda

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