Bruno M. Miranda was born in 1971, in Lisbon.

Bruno studied and graduated at the Lisbon Conservatory of Music, where he was taught Music Theory, Piano, Choir singing, Acoustics, History of Music, Analysis and Composition Techniques. At the Conservatory, he played regularly as a soloist in piano recitals.

His talent for composition was developed in those years at the Conservatory, where he had the chance to have composition and orchestration classes with famous Portuguese composers like Eurico Carrapatoso, Jorge Peixinho, and Paulo Brandão.

Bruno’s passion for music and cinema led him to write the “Hollywood Suite”, a symphonic work, in four movements, dedicated to American film music. With this work, he was admitted to Berklee College of Music, in Boston (USA) in the Film Scoring course, where he was granted a scholarship by this institution.

Bruno’s music is not restrained to a certain style, you can find in his repertoire works written in a pure classical period style, as well as works in a more “film music” mood and, lately, in the minimal style.

In 2019 he released the album “It May Not Always Be So”, with music inspired by poems of the American poet E. E. Cummings, featuring music written for piano solo, string quartet, and piano with string quartet.

His works have been played in several countries and by prestigious musicians like the Berliner Philharmoniker String Quintet.

Into the dark night
Into the dark night
Dancing Lollipops
Into the dark night
Into the dark night