into the dark night

Into the dark night


“Into The Dark Night” is a four-hand piano piece featuring pianist Joana Wagner.

This work has an interesting story, I started to write it when I was studying composition at the Conservatory and finished it in 2019. I can say that this work took me about 25 years to complete!

The fact is that I found this score among my old compositions and noticed that wasn’t finished. It was very interesting to see this old score and to hear a composition that I wrote so many years ago, while I was studying at the Lisbon National Conservatory.

Written in the key of E minor, this piece had the title “Nocturne” but I decided to change it to “Into The Dark Night” after a night walk while listening to the studio recording. I guess it was perfect for that occasion!

Studio recording session with pianist Joana Wagner

Into The Dark Night recording session